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Covenham Sailability

Covenham Sailability provides training for people with special needs to help them to achieve their own personal potential. Volunteer coaches dedicate the appropriate time, equipment and resources to removing barriers to members accessing mainstream training. A grant from Comic Relief Local Communities programme was used towards the cost of purchasing a Liberty Access dinghy and electric servos to support a cohort of trainees whose physical strength is minimal, meaning that although mentally they can learn to sail independently, they lack the physical strength and this limits their ability to develop their skills and fulfil their potential. Participants have voiced their frustration at being reliant on others. By providing a craft equipped with electrical servos that members can operate themselves, it has increased their independence, sense of achievement and boosted self confidence and self esteem, reducing dependence on others. Instructors support them to develop their skills to reach their personal potential and individuals are able to join in club activities of cruising or racing. This has reduced isolation and meant they are able to join the sailing community on equal terms.