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Our Simple Application Process...

When you apply for funding, Lincolnshire Community Foundation asses each application on a case by case basis to ensure they meet criteria and enable funds to have the greatest possible impact. For every grant, we follow a 6 step process as set out below.
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Step 1

Eligibility & Supporting Documents

Use the grant guidelines to check whether you or your group is eligible for the grant and ensure you have all the supporting documents you need before starting your application.

Step 2

Application Form Completion & Review

Complete the application form and send a hard copy to Lincolnshire Community Foundation. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed and prepared for panel. You may be asked for further information and documentation to support your application.

Step 3

Panel & Trustee Review

An independent panel meets to review applications and makes a formal recommendation to Lincolnshire Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The Trustees then review and consider the panel’s recommendations.

Step 4

Award Outcomes & Grant Conditions

Applicants are notified of a decision and Terms and Conditions are sent to successful applicants for signature.

Step 5

Release Funding & Promotion

On receipt of signed terms and conditions, funding is released. Grant recipients should share information about the grant via all forms of media.

Step 6

Impact Report & Celebration

Recipient completes an Impact Report once funding is spent and they can demonstrate the difference it has made. Project impact is celebrated across all forms of social and local media.

Bicker Wind Farm Trust

Funding available for practical or educational projects that either contribute to conservation, energy efficiency or environmental improvements.

Grant size: Up to £5,000
Location: Within 10 mile radius of Bicker Fen in the Borough of Boston
Deadline: 1st October and 1st April annually

GuidelinesApplication GuidanceApplication Form

Big Lincolnshire Welcome – Ukraine Refugee Fund

This funding has been released from money raised by the Ukraine Refugee Appeal. It has been created to help displaced families and individuals from Ukraine living in Greater Lincolnshire, to feel welcomed and integrated into their new surroundings. The grant will be based on the individual’s need or requirement personal to them. The maximum award will be £100 for an individual or £250 for a family unit. Funding is limited, and each application is reviewed on its own merits. To provide essential items, not already covered by National or Local Government, To give a displaced person from Ukraine the opportunity to choose for themselves what item(s) up to the value of £100 for an individual or £250 for a family unit, they need to make their lives better here in Greater Lincolnshire. Note this is for item(s) and no cash payment will be made Applicants must: Ensure that they have read and understood the guidelines. be a displaced person or family from Ukraine, who have sought refuge in Greater Lincolnshire. We are also working with partners who will be working as referral agents to ensure those with wellbeing needs have them addressed in a timely manner. If you need to translate the application into Ukrainian we would ask for the application to be made via Google Forms using this link.

Grant size: up to £100 individuals OR up to £250 for a family unit
Location: Greater Lincolnshire
Deadline: This is a rolling programme, once available monies have been allocated it will be closed for applications.

GuidelinesApplication Form

Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice Fund

​The fund is made up of £667K from the Diocese of Lincoln, and £333K via The Community Foundation as part of a Government match-funded scheme

Grant size: Up to £5,000
Location: Greater Lincolnshire
Deadline: 14 January 14 May 14 September

GuidelinesApplication GuidanceApplication Form

Coastal Community Challenge

Community projects that improve the lives and wellbeing of people living in Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea.

Grant size: Up to £5,000
Location: Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea
Deadline: 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October annually

GuidelinesApplication GuidanceApplication Form (Up to £500)Application Form (Up to £5000)

Evan Cornish Grassroots Fund

The object of the Fund is to improve the wellbeing of people living in Greater Lincolnshire and to make life mo re comfortable, ease distress and isolation for those most in need.    

Grant size: Up to £6,000
Location: Greater Lincolnshire
Deadline: 23rd September 2022

GuidelinesGuidance NotesApplication Form

Grange Wind Farm Community Fund

Examples of fundable projects include diversionary and educational activities for young people, workshops, intergenerational projects, support for meeting places (community centres, village halls, playing fields), energy efficiency schemes such as ground source energy schemes, rain harvesting, including top up grants. Projects for older people may include help to tackle isolation, loneliness and dementia, volunteer costs, sitter and companionship. Grants of up to £5,000 are available to volunteer led not for profit community groups. Initially, the Trust will award grants to projects that benefit local people living within a five mile radius of wind farm site.

Grant size: up to £5,000
Location: Within a ten mile radius of Grange Wind Farm between Sutton Bridge and Tydd St Mary, South Holland.
Deadline: 1st January and the 1st June 2022

GuidelinesGuidance NotesApplication Form

High Sheriffs’ Fund

Groups can apply for grants of up to £5000 - The broad themes are crime reduction and creating a safer society.

Grant size: Up to £5,000
Location: Lincolnshire
Deadline: Currently closed for applications

GuidelinesApplication GuidanceApplication Form

Horncastle Health and Wellbeing Fund

The Objective of the Fund is to assist with the Health and Wellbeing of the residents of Horncastle and the surrounding District of East Lindsey who may be sick, convalescent, disabled or in need of financial assistance. The aim is to distribute £13,200 per year. Not for profit community groups can apply for up to £2,000 and individuals for a maximum of £500.

Grant size: Up to £2,000 for Groups and £500 for Individuals
Location: See Fund Guidelines
Deadline: 1st March & 1 September

GuidelinesGuidance NotesApplication Form

Laceby Solar Farm

The object of the Fund is to support volunteer led not-for-profit projects that improve the lives of people living in Laceby, Irby, Riby, Barnoldby le Beck, Bradley, Aylesby and Beelsby.

Grant size: Up to £10,000
Location: Laceby, Irby, Riby, Barnoldby le Beck, Bradley, Aylesby and Beelsby, North East Lincolnshire
Deadline: 1 April and 1 October annually

Application FormGuidance NotesGuidelines

Make a Start (MAST)

Small grants made to individuals to help them get back to work, into training or education, where funding from a statutory organisation is unobtainable. Applicants should be 16 years or over and currently working no more than 16 hours per week. Specific training that will lead directly to available employment or support to become self employed will be considered.

Grant size: Up to £250
Location: Greater Lincolnshire
Deadline: Rolling programme

Application Form

The Horsman Foundation Fund

The Fund aims to distribute up to £5,000 per year (individuals can apply for up to £500) to support individual young people’s involvement and progression in sports activities across Greater Lincolnshire where they’re able to demonstrate they have the potential to excel but lack the funds to participate or to move to the next level. Grants may be awarded towards the cost of travel, equipment, kit, membership/competition fees etc. Priority will be given to families on a low income.

Grant size: Up to £500 for individuals
Location: Greater Lincolnshire
Deadline: 1 August 2022

Application Form & Guidelines

Thonock Trust

The Thonock Trust has been established to improve the lives and wellbeing of those living in Gainsborough, Corringham, Blyton, Springthorpe and Lea through the provision of education, training, activities and personal development.

Grant size: Up to £2,000 for Groups and £250 for Individuals
Location: Gainsborough, Corringham, Blyton, Springthorpe and Lea
Deadline: 1 June 2022 1 December 2022

GuidelinesApplication GuidanceIndividual Application FormGroup Application Form

Triton Knoll Offshore Community Wind Farm Fund

The Fund is to support projects that improve the lives of people living in communities located within 3km of the landfall location near Anderby Creek and 5km of the onshore substation location near Bicker Fen.

Grant size: Up to £5,000
Location: See Fund Guidelines
Deadline: 1 February 2022 and 1 August 2022

Application FormGuidelines

Lincolnshire Community Foundation’s Grants Matrix.

Please find this link to our Grants Matrix. This document provides information about available grants across Greater Lincolnshire. Some of the funds are managed by Lincolnshire Community Foundation and others are by other organisations. Please be advised that this is not an exhaustive list and that we are only able to advise you about the funds managed by the Foundation.

This matrix is for information only and the Foundation are not responsible for the accuracy of the document as funds may have been removed or altered since it was last amended.

Download Grant Matrix