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Funding derived from donations made by members of one family who want to improve the lives of people living in or near to Gainsborough. The trust helps organisations relating to education, community engagement and young people. Since the Trust was established LCF has distributed over £100K.

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The Thonock Trust has been established to improve the lives and wellbeing of those living in Gainsborough, Corringham, Blyton, Springthorpe and Lea through the provision of education, training, activities and personal development.

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<strong> Grant manager: </strong><br><br>Sue Fortune<br>

Grant manager:

Sue Fortune


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This Fund builds upon an initial donation from the County’s current High Sheriff, Richard Lake, whose ambition is to inspire and support young people at risk of committing anti-social behaviour to encourage them to make good life choices and exercise better judgment. Recognising the importance of this issue, Members and Officers at the South East Lincolnshire Partnership have provided funding, matched by the High Sheriff and Lincolnshire Community Foundation to enable voluntary and community organisations based in the heart of their community to deliver diversionary youth services