Islamic Association Of Lincoln


The Islamic Association of Lincoln is an organisation that has been running since 1982. They run their food bank in partnership with the Acts Trust, Lincoln.

The Lincoln Mosque is formally engaged with an excellent team of Lincoln Council & Foodbank networks who are the central point of contact for members of the community.

Currently the food bank is run by a management committee of eleven, three part time staff and ten volunteers, and will benefit approximately 50 families per month.

They assist those that need the help of the food bank and put the wellbeing of people served by food banks above everything else, upholding and protect their dignity.

In response to the Covid-19 emergency, Lincoln Mosque stepped up with essential food and resources for those who needed extra support and found the lockdown particularly challenging.

Lincoln Mosque advertises their foodbank services with a weekly flyer to the broader community, guiding them to access their food bank as they recognised that food and resources were more difficult to obtain for those without regular employment, unable to work and at increased risk because of illness, those with increased childcare commitments and University students.

Lincoln Mosque keep in touch with the broader community who are in needespecially during the Covid-19 pandemic. They provide support to the local Council by offering their premises and their team of volunteers and dedicated staff and contribute to the local community by promoting and participating in projects related to areas of social concern.