Launch of new innovative tool that maps Food Need and Provision, and Fuel Need

Launch of new innovative tool that maps Food Need and Provision, and Fuel Need

Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team, working in partnership with Lincolnshire Community Foundation, are proud to announce the launch of an innovative Food Need and Provision Mapping and Fuel Need Project. The launch will be held online on the 15th of July at 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm. Click the Eventbrite link to register to join the meeting.

Using the comprehensive Lincolnshire Visual Intelligence System (LVIS) mapping tool, devised and created by Lincolnshire Community Foundation the user is able to identify where food need and fuel need is greatest and overlay this with the locations of current food provision across Greater Lincolnshire. Find out more about LVIS here. 

The platform is designed to support local, statutory and non-statutory organisations, and the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector, in identifying gaps in food provision, where need is greatest and to work together to develop effective strategies and planning for future food provision. This in turn will alleviate pressures on Fuel Need allowing household finances to be directed elsewhere.

The mapping project, which leverages data from various, reliable, open sources, gives a detailed visual representation of food insecurity hotspots and existing food resources. It will revolutionize the way we address food insecurity in Lincolnshire.  It clearly shows where food and fuel needs are greatest and where food providers are currently operating, allowing for the most effective allocation of resources and support to communities across the county.

The project is a fantastic example of partnership working where Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team and Lincolnshire Community Foundation have worked in collaboration with Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership and Fareshare to co-create this freely available resource.

Chris Haydon, from Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership said, “We’re really pleased to have sophisticated, ultra-local level data available to underpin our map of food provision across the region. It will help us to put each provider into some local context as well as potentially helping us to pair up similar areas, to share their experiences. Beyond that, seeing any under-served but in-need villages and towns might inspire local communities to think about what they can do to help.”

The mapping tool will be free to use and accessible to all organizations involved in food provision, from small VCFSE’s to local government agencies, enabling a coordinated approach to tackling food insecurity.

Sue Fortune, CEO of Lincolnshire Community Foundation, quoted, “I’m pleased that Aaron Bailey, our Data Research Officer, has been able to assist colleagues at Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team by creating this additional resource that can be used to identify existing and emerging need in relation to food and fuel poverty.  More importantly, partners will be able to interrogate the data and develop effective means to support those in need.”

Paul Gutherson, Managing Director of LVET, said, “This project is a great bit of collaboration between Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team and Lincolnshire Community Foundation. It helps us to better understand not only where need is at its greatest but also where voluntary, community, faith and social enterprises are providing support for people in food or fuel need. As this develops we hope to be able to add more richness to the picture painted by this tool, including the type of support available. It is exciting and potentially useful to so many people including commissioners, funders, VCFSE groups as well as people looking for support.”

For more information about the Food Need and Provision, and Fuel Need Mapping Project or to access the tool, please visit or .  Or contact Teri Dimbleby at or Claire Edwards

About Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team

Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team [LVET] is a collective of voluntary, community, faith-based and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations across Lincolnshire, who have a focus on health, care or wellbeing. Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team (LVET) is a CIC, jointly funded by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and Integrated Care System (ICS) as the conduit between statutory services and the voluntary and community sector.  Lincolnshire is a big county, with different challenges and opportunities that impact on people’s lives.  LVET works with the VCFSE sector to make the most of those opportunities available and to make sure that challenges are recognised, understood and tackled by all who can influence change.

About Lincolnshire Community Foundation

Lincolnshire Community Foundation is the County’s leading independent grant maker.  We were founded in 2002 to improve the lives and wellbeing of ordinary people throughout Greater Lincolnshire and seek to achieve our mission through building long term endowment, grant making, social investment and providing practical advice and support: we listen, convene, collaborate, co-create and fund.  The Foundation has distributed over £21M to over 4,000 charities, community groups and organisations throughout the County as well as supporting individuals affected by flooding, the cost-of-living crisis, those who are unemployed etc.  Grants have helped tackle issues such as child poverty, loneliness and isolation, food poverty, homelessness, access to services, addiction and unemployment.



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